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Just bought myself a new sewing machine after reading this review:

Brother XL2610 Review

Choosing the right machine can sometimes be a bit complicated, especially if you’re new to this craft. In order to minimize frustration and feelings of overwhelm or defeat, it’s important to invest in a machine that simplifies the entire process.

The Brother XL2610 is a versatile sewing machine that comes with many features designed to make your life easier. It’s perfect for beginners and intermediates alike.

With the help of this sewing machine, the task of creating your own outfit or fixing old ones become extremely easy.

The versatile Brother XL2610 sewing machine has 25 built-in stitches, thread cutter, 59 different stitch functions, free-arm sewing (great for pant legs and shirt sleeves), an automated buttonholer, bobbin winder, and needle threader. These features make it very easy for you to get set up quickly.

Brother XL2610 Free-Arm Sewing Machine

The manufacturer for this has also implemented a simple dial control for altering thread tension. This gives you a lot more stitch and width control.

There are numerous stitch functions include, but not limited to:

  • Quilting
  • Decorative Sewing
  • Blind Hem
  • Garment Construction

Regardless if you’re trying to fix a tear, sew a brand new dress or just a new crafting project, the Brother XL2610 has everything you would expect in a good sewing machine.

It comes with all the essential functions and carefully selected features giving it great versatility without sacrificing price value. This machine makes a great investment especially considering the 25-year limited warranty that’s included.

Another great thing about this particular model is the weight and dimension. It is lightweight and very easy to transport. A definite bonus if you’re looking for a machine to transfer back and forth between your home and sewing class/club. It sets up very easily and operates smoothly. It also comes with a clear and easy to follow instruction manual that details exactly how to get started.

Even with all these wonderful features, the Brother XL2610 is designed with a novice in mind, making it one of the best sewing machines for beginners.